[chuck-users] Intraspection - an example of what I'm attempting

mike clemow michaelclemow at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 13:27:55 EST 2010

Oh maybe.  I can't speak for the devs.  There were definitely issues with
references not being counted that were causing much grief.  I was just
pointing out that we're not covering new ground here.  There may be a leg-up
in that patch from Graham that cold make implementing this really easy, if
it does go through.

I ditched my work-around because I was having compatibility issues with
others who weren't using my own secret, hacked version!  No fun to chuck
alone.  :)


2010/11/9 Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com>

> 2010/11/9 mike clemow <michaelclemow at gmail.com>
> FYI: we've had this conversation before...
> Indeed. But I also think we have -since then- found such glaring holes in
> the type-system as it relates to arrays and passing references that I think
> we resolved new features there made no sense until there were some big
> fixes. And then there is the GC stuff...
> That may or may not explain why that patch wasn't pushed in?
> Yours,
> Kas.
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