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Thu Nov 18 14:44:28 EST 2010

Hi Kassen,

this sounds interesting, but I can't  follow your steps. Have you got an example of this idea?

Thanks a lot!

El 18.11.2010, a las 20:00, Kassen escribió:

> On 18 November 2010 19:44, Andrew Turley <aturley at acm.org> wrote:
> You could build a generator using Gen7 or CurveTable. That might be a
> little more efficient, but maybe not worthwhile.
> How about a Lisa set to sync? If you feed that with a arbitrary signal at gain .5 mixed with a step set to a value of .5, (which would turn a signal from range -1 to 1 into one from 0 to 1) you can set any mapping you'd like. Filling that LiSa with a line from -1 to 1 would get you your original signal back, a "staircase" would give bit-depth reduction, etc.
> Multiple mappings could be made and by changing the loop start and end these could be selected.
> Shreds might be more versatile as those also give you easy access to modulating bit rate in addition to depth and to get a resolution equal to double floats you'd have to use a very large buffer indeed... but then shreds are often expensive and the code gets messy looking, IMHO.
> Yours,
> Kas.
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