[chuck-users] multiple midi ports

Thomas Girod girodt at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 15:43:04 EDT 2010


> That one will open port 0 twice. This should mean that ChucK will open it once,
> then have two internal shreds that both listen to the same port. I think this
> should help;
> %> chuck-jack test.ck:0 test.ck:1
> That should make ChucK open two ports, one for each shred. The first shred gets
> port 0, then second gets port 1 That is, of course, assuming nothing is
> horribly wrong in ChucK or in Linux.
> How far does that get you?
> Kas.

That's what I thought too, as it seemed logical. but it doesn't work.
Let's say I don't have any alsa-midi apps running. in qjackctl, I only
have "Midi Through" (in and out)

% chuck-jack test.ck:0

this will create a new MidiIn and connect it to "Midi Through (out)".

% chuck-jack test.ck:1

this won't work, with this message :

> [chuck]: MidiIn: couldn't open MIDI port 1...

my conclusion: the port parameter to the MidiIn.open() function is not
the number of the port you open, but the port number of the source or
the target to which it is supposed to be connected.

... which isn't that useful, in my opinion.


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