[chuck-users] blind user

Rich Caloggero rjc at mit.edu
Wed Sep 1 12:39:41 EDT 2010

I am a blind user who has played around with chuck! Chuck is perfectly 
accessible via command shell in either linux or windows. The language is 
great and running programs is simple.

The GUI environment, mini audical, is another matter. I was not able to use 
it on Windows; have not tried on Mac or Linux.

I wonder if a rewrite in java using Swing UI classes would be feassible. 
This would probably give the most access, cross platform and with little 
extra coding. You do need to use Swing though, otherwise the code to talk 
with MSAA (microsoft Active Accessibility) will need to be written by hand, 
which is probably a big pain!

Write me off list at rjc at mit.edu
-- Rich

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>  Would like to know if there are any other blind users of chuck besides 
> myself and perhaps talk to them offlist so as to not spam the list 
> needlessly.
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