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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 16:33:57 EDT 2010


What attracted me to ChucK was the fact that it is NOT graphically
> oriented.

Me too.

I often think graphical displays in music programs are distracting form
focussing on the sound itself, even.

All of that aside; we could go make jabs at MAX and the like or even go into
how many modern plugins have interfaces where no amount of vision will help
you figure out how you are supposed to use them. What really interests me
though is that something like ChucK could/should be a great tool for people
who can't see or can't see that well to make electronic music.

I suspect a lot of advances in interface design could be made there, not
just with support for screen-readers, but also things like interface and
error sonification that could help everyone, not just the blind. I think
it's a good thing that there's renewed interest in this.

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