[chuck-users] blind user

Andrew C. Smith andrewchristophersmith at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 10:45:23 EDT 2010

> think the easiest way to architect this would be:
> - build a way of binding chuck classes / objects to gui
> - define exactly what can be exposed and thus manipulated via the gui
> (efrrably in code)

I don't have much of a comp sci background, but I think that the model
of one class (for example, SynthControl) being the gui for another
(SynthSounds) is a standard model. The issue with chuck is just that
the gui only exists on OSX, and even then it's just a couple of
buttons and sliders, so there's not much of an impetus for all the
linux users (who, let's admit, are probably the hardcore open source
devs among us) to work on extending the gui.

I can't quite tell if you like PD / Max or not--if you do, have you
looked into Brad Garton's chuck~ object for OSX? It's here:

I sporadically worked on making this into a dylib for use with an
Objective-C based GUI, but I lost interest shortly after I got it
working, because I don't know much about programming and couldn't
figure out how to expose chuck's variables to the outside world.

Anyway, on a philosophical note, I think chuck is elegant. I like the
way that the text-based, algorithmic focus reduces the "tactile"
nature of Max and causes me to think in structural terms. Ironically,
Max now seems like it's capitalizing more on the post-Buchla
sentiment, and ChucK is coming from the post-Bell Labs ideal. But
that's another discussion.


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