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2010/9/3 Robert Poor <rdpoor at gmail.com>

> How about
>   likely(n)
> ... where 0 <= n <= 1.0, which will return true with a probability of n.
>  Even better, just make n an optional arg to maybe().
I feel that the downside to that is that the charm of "maybe" comes from it
being a single word that will look exactly like "true" or "false" in
syntax hilighted code.

it's the apparent "self-evident-ness" of a keyword that's that unusual that
creates the appeal to me.

That said; we could also use a library of random functions that generate
random values with certain distributions. A lot could be written on the
subject of randomness and distributions in electronic music (John Ffitch's
article in the CSound Handbook is nice) yet that's a area that hasn't
received that much attention in ChucK yet. Of course; unlike keywords a
library for random number generators could be written in ChucK itself.

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