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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 14:48:34 EDT 2010


> If we made 'likely' (and 'unlikely') chuckable that would make it nice:
>   .70 => likely;  /* also sets 'unlikely' to .30 at the same time */

 Ok, and this would be system-wide? So I could do this in one shred and have
it affect others?

I quite like this idea. It's a new sort of thing, in that it would be a
key-word that would act as both a variable and a function... but it's
simple, intuitive and versatile. It would probably be great for live control
over generative pieces with random component, where we could sort of
crossfade between two kinds of behaviour.

I'd like to have this. Actually I'd like to be able to build this sort of
thing myself, within ChucK.

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