[chuck-users] new ideas, new bugs...

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 15:44:59 EDT 2010

Fellow ChucKists,

I was poking around in the source for "maybe" to try to figure out how hard
Joe's idea would be to implement.

So far it looked really quite easy to me, except that the chuck operator
would have to be overloaded to deal with chucking floats to "likely" and
"unlikely". This made me wonder what kind of error this would give;

1 => maybe;

It turns out that doesn't give a error at all and instead seg-faults (latest
miniAudicle, linux ALSA, canonical version except for the CNoise fix).

So; regardless of whether or not we go with Joe's idea this area does need a
I vote that we do take this idea as it would be very little work for
something that would be that much fun. With a default of .75% for likely and
25% for unlikely it would have all of the advantages of the various proposed
strategies and on top of that we'd get a easy "crossfade" for chance-based
techniques that may span several shreds.

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