[chuck-users] ChucK is too short.

Tambet qtvali at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 22:13:13 EDT 2010

The name "ChucK" needs some kind of prefix or suffix to give some method of
good Google searches.

"ChucK music" gives ChucK berry; just "ChucK" gives a movie; "ChucK videos"
is useless. If Google did understand the last capital letter, it would be
all fine.

Google's own language is Go (or "Google Go"). They have another way to write
it - "Go-lang". Go-lang gives all necessary things. "Go programming" does
the same, but for general searches, this is not good - you might search for
Go examples (and this sight might have no hint about programming) or Go
users. You could search for Go libraries (not "Go programming libraries") or
e-mail applications written in Go (no "e-mail applications written by
programming in Go").

Just having some convention - for example that "ChucK" is abbreviation of
"Chuck K..." and then having this "Chuck K..." in title or first occurrence
of language's name in each good page talking about ChucK.

Otherwise it's just too much work to search :)

So ..ChucK name conquest?

With this <http://www.dasher.org.uk/> powerful application I found a few
days ago it took half of minute to find my own suggestion - "Chuck Kit". It
could be also "Chuck sound Kit" or "Chuck soundKit" (to keep the case
convention). I would be happy if it was *anything* - anything except some
very common english name, which gives us all kinds of stars and TV programs
when googled for.

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