[chuck-users] Chuck garbage collection needs a manual

Hans Aberg haberg-1 at telia.com
Mon Sep 6 17:41:32 EDT 2010

You have sent seven identical mail to this list - it suffices with one.

ChucK does have a GC, a reference count, though not fully implemented.  
If you check the archive of this list, there has been some discussions  
about that, about a year ago, I think.

It has also been discussed other types of GC. A problem with a  
collecting GC is that it must work with the perfect timing that ChucK  
has, which syncs every sample time (at about 44 kHz).

On 6 Sep 2010, at 21:52, Tambet wrote:

> Hi again!
> As Chuck lacks garbage collection, it's probably The language, which  
> needs a manual about garbage collection - I mean, a manual about  
> lack of it.
> Googling "chuck programming garbage collection" gives these pages:
> 	• The Ultimate Top 25 Chuck Norris “The Programmer” Jokes
> 	• Chuck Esterbrook: Geek of the Week
> 	• Java Programming - Hump Day OT
> It would be good to know, how much memory things take, how to keep  
> memory from growing full etc. For example - if I close something,  
> will it release memory?
> Tambet

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