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2010/9/7 Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com>

2010/9/6 Tambet <qtvali at gmail.com>
Hi again!

Hey Tambet!

Could you give a example of closing something? I'm not sure what you  

You mostly answered everything ..I meant closing shreds and collecting  


On 7 September 2010 00:41, Hans Aberg <haberg-1 at telia.com> wrote:
You have sent seven identical mail to this list - it suffices with one.

It must be problem with gmail. I have very unstable internet  
connection - thus it's possible I had to click send seven times;  
anyway, it usually handles this and sends only one message. There is  
only one in my sent messages folder.

ChucK does have a GC, a reference count, though not fully implemented.  
If you check the archive of this list, there has been some discussions  
about that, about a year ago, I think.


This was, what I wanted to know ..moreover, knowing about the exact  
cases would be nicest. Because as it's in-use system, such facts  
should be there in manual (as I already started to worry a lot looking  
at my simple program, which opens and closes shreds; now I just  

It has also been discussed other types of GC. A problem with a  
collecting GC is that it must work with the perfect timing that ChucK  
has, which syncs every sample time (at about 44 kHz).

Google Go, in nearby future, should have very powerful multithreaded GC.

As it's also nice language otherwise, it could be an idea to make  
version of Chuck, which is partially implemented in Google Go (or even  
fully)? AFAIK it'll be more powerful thing than C++ - I mean, simpler,  
but not much lesser.

On 6 Sep 2010, at 21:52, Tambet wrote:

Hi again!

As Chuck lacks garbage collection, it's probably The language, which  
needs a manual about garbage collection - I mean, a manual about lack  
of it.

Googling "chuck programming garbage collection" gives these pages:
        • The Ultimate Top 25 Chuck Norris “The Programmer” Jokes
        • Chuck Esterbrook: Geek of the Week
        • Java Programming - Hump Day OT
It would be good to know, how much memory things take, how to keep  
memory from growing full etc. For example - if I close something, will  
it release memory?


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