[chuck-users] Chuck garbage collection needs a manual

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 18:42:05 EDT 2010


>> Indeed. But we don't have to calculate a sample every sample; we only need
>> to calculate a block every block; there is some leeway.
> What are these blocks? I thought Chuck is running in one thread. It is
> though true that one could free the marker of the memory synchronously, and
> let a GC in a separate thread collect inasmuch it gets time for it.
These refer to the amount of samples that are send to the soundcard at a
time, it's set by "--bufsize". This is universal to addressing soundcards
and not related to threading as such. Because of the size of blocks we may
have more than a samp to spare (per block) for tasks like GC. Maybe we don't
have that time in some cases but of course; at some point we will be asking
the cpu for more than it can provided, no matter the way in which we ask.

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