[chuck-users] How to get better-sounding instruments?

Tambet qtvali at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 15:04:26 EDT 2010

Got such question: there is a set of instruments included from STK, also
there are some reverbs etc., but I cant make them together do very natural
sounds; I also don't want to use wav as I can't cange it's params. I do not
have natural instruments to play in nor will to do so.

Questions are:

   - Are there some good ways to connect ChucK with additional synthesizers
   in such way that I could get sample-by-sample output and slow down the
   generation of wav (with -s flag).
   - Are there more synthesizers built-in to ChucK.
   - Are there add-on modules with more instruments.
   - Are there examples about how to build natural sounds with those
   built-in oscillators and effects.

As I try to get something, what would not sound too electronic or too flat.

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