[chuck-users] How to get better-sounding instruments?

Cody Loyd codyloyd at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 08:30:32 EDT 2010

You can control external midi synths with chuck, and if you are
wanting more 'natural sounds' that might be worth looking in to.

also... what do you mean by 'natural sounds' ?

2010/9/8 Tambet <qtvali at gmail.com>:
> Got such question: there is a set of instruments included from STK, also
> there are some reverbs etc., but I cant make them together do very natural
> sounds; I also don't want to use wav as I can't cange it's params. I do not
> have natural instruments to play in nor will to do so.
> Questions are:
> Are there some good ways to connect ChucK with additional synthesizers in
> such way that I could get sample-by-sample output and slow down the
> generation of wav (with -s flag).
> Are there more synthesizers built-in to ChucK.
> Are there add-on modules with more instruments.
> Are there examples about how to build natural sounds with those built-in
> oscillators and effects.
> As I try to get something, what would not sound too electronic or too flat.
> Tambet
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