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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 19:53:28 EDT 2010

Hi Lars!

if we use a random seed, f.e. Std.srand(120);
> will this affect all the random function inside the sketch?

Yes, it will. And this does mean that periodically resetting the seed (say
at audio-rate) will turn the UGens that use noise into a sort of wavetable
players; it will affect all random functions and noise-generators.

> and if so, how can we turn it off?
Well, you can't. The whole point of ,srand() is affecting the various random
functions to create repeatable pieces.

A alternative would be simply not setting it, though I do seem to remember
some issues with the initial seed under Windows not being particularly
random. In that case you could set the seed using a amplified signal from
the adc. A source like hiss from your mixer should be as random a signal as
you are likely to encounter in day to day life and mak things utterly

Hope that helps,
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