[chuck-users] How to get better-sounding instruments?

Tambet qtvali at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 07:27:35 EDT 2010

To explain my situation:
1. I am indeed willing to create my own instruments and would not start with
language, which is not designed for that.
2. I would like to also use other instruments (like pianos - there is no
point in designing my own classical piano until I'm very good in that) in
3. I would like to already create nice-sounding songs.

About 3. it's also that I would like, when I have visitors, to be able to
start up something really fast - so that I could improvise and they could
improvise. And, of course, using the same tool, which easily allows one to
add some new synthesizer or new twist to existing one.

To explain, what I miss and lack:
* Drums.
* Bass.
* Flutes etc., which would sound naturally.

And, another aspect (not related to this letter), which has to do with STK -
when I use it as synth, I would like to do the following:
* Have some objects, which disappear and disconnect themselves as soon as
their sound is over. Currently, I have 4 seconds just-in-case (otherwise it
will cut some sounds) and create some hundreds of them sometimes (to have a
fast beat). Making them 0.5 secs will make it a lot faster - so that I can
listen to it in realtime -, but it also makes some longer beats cut from an
* Have such STK class/object, which allows me to play instruments in such
way that when I play piano, the object is not silent when I try to play
another tone without having previous one gone silent (because that's the
reason, why I have to have so much of those sporked objects there).

But, basically - I would like to create some songs from scratch without
creating synthesizers for each instrument myself first. Even when you are
creating synthesizer from scratch, it's nice to test it with other
instruments in background - and especially, it's nice to create someting
nice-sounding right at the beginning and in process, not after two months,
when I have managed into creating my first realistic instrument :)

And, btw., I'm also somewhat learning PD as I read a book, which uses it in
examples. I'm not happy with graphical design and it also does not seem to
be so flexible as ChucK - for example, time control is far from that of
ChucK, also it's hard to keep track of everything you have done (text
sources, anyway, are best for that).


On 11 September 2010 12:20, Tambet <qtvali at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2010/9/11 Andrew C. Smith <andrewchristophersmith at gmail.com>
>> As it seems that chuck doesn't do what you want it to do, and probably
>> won't in the foreseeable future, I'd suggest just downloading PD rather than
>> begin to learn a programming language that doesn't natively support external
>> synths.
> I already know most of the language - what I learn right now is the actual
> use of UGens and what I will do next is learning UAnae.
> Most people, I think, use chuck because they want to build their own synths
>> from the ground up. If you want some tips on particular sounds, maybe check
>> out the electro-music forums for sample code.
> I do, but basically I think that typical ones should be reusably there.
> Also, I would like to do some fast-start.
> I am looking into compiling Faust into ChucK, which seems to be best to my
> processor usage. Anyway, it presumes learning faust :)
> -Andrew
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