[chuck-users] good until loop

Timothy Leonido timothy.leonido at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 09:43:24 EDT 2010

Would anyone mind sending a good example for loop "until" ? I simply want a
shred to stop automatically after a 10 seconds. Here is what I wrote:


    Std.rand2f(200,50.0) + Math.sin(v*100.0)*20.0 => v2 => f.pfreq;

    Std.rand2f(5000.0, 60) + Math.sin(v*30.0)*80.0 => f3.pfreq;

    Std.rand2f(1500, 80.0) + Math.sin(v*200.0)*50.0 => f2.pfreq;




   .1:: T =>now;  } until (5::second);

thanks so much!

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