[chuck-users] snd file writing

Daniel Trueman dtrueman at princeton.edu
Thu Sep 30 18:49:04 EDT 2010

> i'm pretty sure i can cram samples into SndBuf using valueAt, doing the opposite of what we do now to load samples into LiSa, but i haven't tried that either... so maybe it's all a big mess.
> From memory (mine, I mean, not ChucK's) I don't think you can. For LiSa valueAt() is read/write and for SndBuf I think it's read only.

well, that would probably be easy enough to hack in. but i don't want to wade into sf writing; did that many times years ago...

i guess i figgered i was just being stupid, and there was an obvious way to do this that i was missing, so this is paradoxically gratifying and annoying. thanks? ;--}

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