[chuck-users] snd file writing

Daniel Trueman dtrueman at princeton.edu
Thu Sep 30 19:22:23 EDT 2010

> Maybe? I'm only semi-formally in charge of navigating The Mess, not of The Mess itself. I propose we move on to stage 2 of any ChucKist issue which -as I remember it- is "blaming Ge" ;¬).

oh, i have many things for Ge to do before this. ;--}

> Clearly a feature is missing.
> That said; I could see advantages to building this into LiSa in the long term. Some audio file formats consist of both wave data and loop points, much like LiSa. That could mean advantages to exporting straight from LiSa,

this sounds like a great independent study project for a student somewhere! 

in the meantime, i'm doing something ridiculous....

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