[chuck-users] Hello and the state of ChucK question

Krzysztof Trzewiczek krzysztof at trzewiczek.info
Sun Apr 3 02:34:12 EDT 2011

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the list, so a word about me. I'm a software developer in 
Open Government field and musician focused on experimental and concrete 
music working from time to time with interactive technologies in dance 
and theatre. I'm heavily interested in ChucK future development. I come 
from Poland. Hello everyone ChucKing around!!

My question is about the current state and future plans for ChucK. I'm 
interested especially in:

1. who is responsible for the ChucK website and is it possible to help 
him/her somehow to make it up to date (documentation, download and 
install information, some info about the current state, maybe some 
roadmap)? I'll be happy to spend some free time (not much of it, but a 
few hours a week for the beginning could be enough) to work on it.

2. is there any mechanism for implementing additional functionality (let 
say Perlin Noise) directly in ChucK to become a part of ChucK the way 
Quarks work in SuperCollider? Or the only way of sharing with others is 
just giving the code and then adding it to the chuck call like:

      $ chuck-alsa Perlin MyStuff1 MyStuff2

3. is there anyone to expand the developers guide a bit? I'm not a C++ 
guy and will not implement closures as a new feature in ChucK, but I 
could write some extensions in C (if not possible in ChucK as in point 
2) and attach it to the language. The documentation though is really 
hard for not advanced programmer and C person (this C++ syntax scares me 
a lot ;)).

4. will ChucK be developed in future and is there any roadmap for it?

All the best from far Poland,

ChucK => now;

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