[chuck-users] Hello and the state of ChucK question

Krzysztof Trzewiczek krzysztof at trzewiczek.info
Sun Apr 3 07:04:27 EDT 2011


> I heard rumours on the proverbial street that development should be 
> picking up a bit again; there are more people volunteering help.
This is a really great news! Unfortunately I'm not good enough in C++ to 
join dev group, but I can help with some other tasks (documenting, doing 
website work, moderating...).

> I'd like to invite Ge to take a moment and comment on the state of 
> things right now.
Oh that would be wonderful! That could serve as a first attempt toward 
roadmap creation as I believe there is no such thing right now, is there?

All the best,

ChucK => now;

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