[chuck-users] Hello and the state of ChucK question

Harald Gutsche hg42 at gmx.net
Mon Apr 4 09:03:25 EDT 2011


>> And on the other hand I couldn't create more than one (working) LiSa
>> objects at the time (is this right?).
> Fortunately that's not correct. You can use quite a few, if you like;
> LiSa a => dac;
> LiSa b => dac;
> //etc

I had tried different versions of chuck, first I used versions
available for debian or ubuntu (currently it is,
then I compiled from the released sources and then I compiled from the
My tests were at different stages, so they don't necessarily fit
together, so my conclusions may have been wrong.

When I tried multiple LiSa's I got an error message on creation.
Today I tried my old chuck file again and it works (using chuck
Thanks for pushing me to try again..

At first I had also a confusion about LiSa's voices, which I thought
were like channels, but they seem to be for playing the same samples
in a different way.

>> So it seems I cannot record and save stereo sounds to files?
> Not right now, no. This is clearly a missing feature.

here you mean saving stereo sound to a single file, right?
However, it would be ok for me to save a stereo sound to two files.
How would you do this, once you have recorded into n LiSa buffers?

> As long as you stay away from spectral analysis and filters I think you'll
> find that the math is quite easy, most of the time

data processing is ok for me, but I have to explore interfacing to
jack/alsa/midi/osc and the hard realtime processing is also new to me.
For me, using chuck simplifies exactly this. I then don't have to
bother with those "details". Also chuck allows a higher level of

Yesterday I made a big step in c/c++ jack programming.
I see projects, where chuck might be too slow and I'll need to use c++
(or googles golang?) instead.

For most things chuck would fit very well, if some simple things can be done.

>> I then also managed to change SndBuf (in a quick and dirty way) to be
>> used for recording. But I didn't manage to save this as a stereo sound
>> file.
> Did you do that because WvOut, didn't suit your needs, or did you perhaps
> overlook it? Maybe this was a result of your problem with LiSa?

I did many test and always there was one thing missing...

Then I tried to dig into chuck source code and took the easiest thing
I could manage at this knowledge level.
Also LiSa has many features, I don't really need or don't need them
the way they are implemented.

It was not very difficult to allow a SndBuf to record.
Then I tried to allow it to do multichannel which I thought would be
easy, too. But I failed managing the buffer.

For my looper project I need some special things, for which I don't
have a solution yet.
When I have time (not now because I'm at work), I can describe what I
want to do.

> I think there was talk of a CVS repository. I'd be interested in this too;

I used this:

cvs -d :ext:anon-chuck at cvs.cs.princeton.edu:/cvs checkout chuck_dev

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