[chuck-users] Hello and the state of ChucK question

Krzysztof Trzewiczek krzysztof at trzewiczek.info
Mon Apr 4 09:38:02 EDT 2011

Hi everyone,

>> ChucK development is indeed alive and well!
>> Actually a new release is nearing completion
> Ge, from your comment I get some hope again...
> Will the new release have changes in multichannel behaviour?
> Will it be possible to save multichannel files?
> When I looked last (somewhere in March), the repository had it's last
> checkins at the end of 2010, so I thought development had been
> stopped.
> I think I found the repo in a forum post...but cannot post the address
> here, because I'm at work now.
> I assume there must be another repo to work with? Or don't you use a
> central repo?
> It is also very unclear to me, how chuck development is coordinated.
> An integrated system like sourceforge would make this more easy, as
> all the development is (virtually) bundled in one place. How should
> external developers contribute to chuck?

This is exactly what interests me. I mean, what is the development model 
for ChucK? I'm an open source evangelist (my day job is open government 
in Poland), so open source development model seems the most obvious and 
exciting for me. With ChucK I feel a little lost, becuase I see no 
roadmap, nothing like a real features proposal or some steering 
committee, outdated documentation and no real info about the current 
state of the language. There's no obvious way to join the project as an 
average developer or volunteer (helping with keeping information up to 
date, managing the community, documenting or so).

So my question is: what is the role of the ChucK community in the 
language development and maintenance? Wouldn't be better to make it more 
open source way?

I say that only because I do my music exclusively in ChucK, but more 
advanced stuff I'm doing more "unimplemented" or "undocumented" features 
come up. What's event worst - I do want to do sth about it, but I can't, 
because there's no easy way to get involved. In other words - making it 
open source way would possibly bring some new energy to ChucK. As I 
wrote before - I'm really eager to help where I can (everywhere besides 
hard-core language coding).

On the other hands - it's obviously great to read that new release is 

All the best,

ChucK => now;

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