[chuck-users] Hello and the state of ChucK question

s p sebpiq at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 15:13:00 EDT 2011

Hi !

I am quite new to chuck, and quite addicted as well ... After having tried
many several other languages such as Pure Data and Super Collider, ... which
are somehow nice, but the syntax just feels wrong (talking about Super
Collider especially).

I come from a strong development background  (I am web developer during the
day), and Even though I now know that Chuck rocks, I have to say that I was
a little like Krzysztof at first ... very disturbed by the website, by the
fact that there is no public repository, no raodmap, no issue tracker, a
little repelled by the documentation, etc ... At first chucks seems like a
dying project, then it just feels like something closed.

I think it is really a pity now that I know there is an active community,
many people willing to contribute (but who just cannot). I actually sent a
mail to Ge once, to ask him what he thought about re-doing the website, and
trying to gather the community a little bit but he didn't answer me (no
offense taken).

My offer is still valid, I am ready to start, gathering some ideas, then
code, etc ... I even have a server that could host the thing, ...
But I really don't understand how Chuck development works and what the
development teams is aiming at, since they seem to keep things private !!!

But of course a simple community website doesn't need the approval nor
collaboration of the core team, ... so if some people are interested that
would be good to know and start a brainstorming about what we want !!!

Cheers !!!

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