[chuck-users] record and play multiple LiSa objects on multiple channels

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Sun Apr 10 09:04:22 EDT 2011


works correctly on all three versions, as you see also adc.chan(0) =>
> dac.chan(0) works .
Ok, so then it's a LiSa issue and hopefully Dan will have a moment to look
into it. I think Dan was experimenting with multi-channel looping and this
seems to be a side-effect of that.

I got confused when looking at sndbuf's code. lisa should be similar.
> How is the multichannel code supposed to work?
> LiSaMulti_tick didn't change from to current, so the problem
> must be elsewhere.
Hmmmm. I think LiSa is quite independent of SndBuf and is instead based on a
Max/Msp tool.

somewhere would make a gain stereo. Note that only the 2, 2 and the
> UGen_Stereo make the difference.
> Also from my first impressions, LiSa, sndbuf etc. don't use UGen_Multi
> or UGen_Stereo. So for such things they seem to be missing features.
> I think, one problem is that the number of channels is an attribute of
> a type. Most things in chuck are dynamic, so making the number of
> channels fixed when creating the type object doesn't make sense to me.
Yes, that sounds sensible to me.

ok, the voices are a special thing, I didn't take them into account.

LiSa is really way more involved than the rest, more powerful but also a bit
more tricky to understand.

> C++'s polymorphic functions are often a problematic concept. Perhaps
> rateVoice would be a better name. Or e.g. my_lisa.voice(v).rate(2.0)
> would make it more clear.

Yes, but at the expense of uniformity. Personally I'm very much in favour of
keeping things uniform as that means there are less surprises and there is
less to learn. I can see how this would be a topic for debate though.

> btw. should I've written some of the low level developer topics to
> chuck-dev?
> I wrote it here, because chuck-dev seems to be dead.
> Where do the devs meet?
I feel all of this should be fine here. The dev-list is where the dev
discussion "should" go but for some reason it isn't. I don't know. :-)

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