[chuck-users] chuck_rational and chuck_performance_setup on github

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 15:21:35 EDT 2011


By popular request, I've just created two ChucK specific "git repositories"
that you can view, download and (if you are versed with git) create branches
and update.

One is a rational number package, that efficiently converts between floating
point numbers and rational approximations (in the form of a/b, where a and b
are integers).

The other is the extensive setup I have used for live performance.  One of
the funner bits are:

* lib/semaphore.ck, which can wait for an event or for a time, whichever
comes first.
* a comprehensive dispatch/observer message passing mechanism for
distributing events.

To get there:

* https://github.com/rdpoor/chuck_rational
* https://github.com/rdpoor/chuck_performance_setup

Share and enjoy (code and comments, etc)

- Rob
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