[chuck-users] record and play multiple LiSa objects on multiple channels

Harald Gutsche hg42 at gmx.net
Mon Apr 11 03:43:13 EDT 2011

> Sure. My full first name is "Kassen", and signing as "Kas" seems nicely
> informal.

ok, how should *I* call you ? :-) I tend to use Kas, because you're
nice and this feels like a nick name

> You do have a point and as I mentioned; I ran into it too, once. It's a hard
> to detect mistake. One big question here is that I can't see a alternative
> that would be clearly better in all ways yet not break existing code. Tricky
> stuff.

I will never make this mistake again (I hope), so it's not for me, but
for the next users falling into the trap :-)
at least it would be nice to document it

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