[chuck-users] need help installing chuck

SA NALEWALKE hybridmoments227 at verizon.net
Mon Aug 1 00:03:56 EDT 2011

ive been interested to try out chuck as a programming language for my monome, but i seem to be having some difficulties with the installation.  im on a macbook pro 10.6.8 btw.  i downloaded the chuck executable as well as miniaudical.  i opened up the chuck executable which opened up a chuck folder with a bunch of things in it, and i stored them both in my applications folder.  in the chuck manual, theres a section i included in an attachment that talks about replacing the x's with the actual "directory name".  what is a "directory name" and how do i find out what my directory name is?  id really like to get this going, thanks in advance for any help!  hopefully i ll be chucking soon.
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