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Fri Aug 19 16:46:02 EDT 2011

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the status command appears to work and when i + a file in to the
active process, i see a line appear in that loop window.
that line was something like.
chuck vm sporking incoming shred 1 filename.ck
this is odd. the sound problem seems to work now. i have no idea what
caused it not to work earlier.

On 8/18/2011 1:17 PM, Kassen wrote:
>> if the file plays when i run it with chuck filename.ck, and all
>> kinds of fun sound things happen, doing the same with --loop
>> running in one dos box, and chuck +filename.ck in another dosbox
>> should make all kinds of fun audio things happen as the tutorial
>> suggests, however, no audio things happen at all.
> That's a bit disapointing, then, that should really work.
> What happens instead? Do you get any errors at all? Or other
> output? Do other commands like the "status" one that should also
> interact with the running VM work? (see "chuck --help" or the
> manual for the exact options that you have) When you write
> "+filename.ck" , do you mean you used it like that, without the
> space? It should be like this;
> chuck + myfile.ck
> so with a space.
> Because you mention a "dosbox" I assume you are on Windows. If this
> is somehow related to how differend commandline sessions on your OS
> interact then it would also be quite helpful if you could mention
> what exact version of Windows you are running. It could be that
> some of the more recent versions of Windows were "improved" in some
> way that makes things stop working, for example.
> Yours, Kas.
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