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Tomtom tomtom at herbesfolles.org
Mon Aug 22 08:49:53 EDT 2011


If I understand correctly what you are describing, it is exactly how a MIDI
file works: music is described with a standard language (similar to a music
score) and then interpreted by a program which converts instructions to sounds.


Excerpts from tempjayren's message of lun. août 22 12:48:26 +0200 2011:
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> something occurred to me, i don't know how this would work, or even if
> it would all that well.
> basically, the idea is a file containing notes, notelengths, octaves,
> and timing commands, then having a .ck interpreter read this file and
> play it, i'm picturing a language similar to what basic had available
> for audio, with extensions of course, because we can do rests, that
> didn't do rests as i recall.
> and we can include different basic sound generators, sinosc sqrosc etc
> and another small set of symbols to change those from within the music
> file.
> so, there'd be a .ck file, made to interpret this new language, let's
> call it an .imus (interpreted music file)
> the .ck file runs, reads the .imus file, and plays that.
> we could also tell it at the beginning of the .imus file, if we wanted
> to play it through the speakers, or record to output-of-imus-file.wav.
> anyway, just an idea to kick about.
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