[chuck-users] here's an idea

Perry R Cook prc at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Aug 22 13:01:35 EDT 2011

Hi all,

Over the years I have done this for SKINI
(Synthesis ToolKit Network Interface), which
is a form of slightly extended textified MIDI.

A couple of simple examples can be found at:


Running the GUIModal script evokes the Tcl/TK wish
interpreter, giving you a GUI with sliders and buttons.
It pipes the output of that, which is SKINI, into
the stdin of chuck running Modal.ck.  The StdIn Class
is called Skot (deprecated, should be called ConsoleInput), 
and the substring parser is called PRC (now called 

skinihak.c can read SKINI files with time stamps
and dole them out (flushing it's stdout) to be
piped into a SKINI-reading chuck program.  So

skinihak spain.ski | chuck Modal.ck

will play that scorefile.  In the directory I
pointed you to, skinihak is Linux, skinihakMac is
PowerPC, you can build what you like 'cause the
source is there.  For IntelMac SnowLeopard, without
Rosetta, you can build one that works using something like:

gcc -m32 -o skinihakMacIntel skinihak.c



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