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Wed Aug 24 20:01:27 EDT 2011

my thoughts on indentation as regards screen readers, bad idea. unless
you are using a multiline braille display, then it could work.
unfortunately, i don't know of such a beast, though a single line
braille display is expensive in itself, a multiline one would be worse,
and probably best used by someone that had no ears as well as eyes, and
that would make chuck coding rather silly to my way of thinking.

On 8/24/2011 10:18 AM, Kassen wrote:
> chuck doesn't seem to care about how .ck files look, or am i
>> wrong there?
> Not at all, no, whatever works for you is fine. Actually part of the whole
> point of ChucK is that it should be there for you, not for the computer.
> That said; I would take future usage of the file into account and try to
> make things clear for people who may read it in the future (maybe you in
> half a year <smile>). I could imagine that some forms of indentation would
> be especially good for working with screen-readers, I wonder whether any
> research has been done there.
> Yours,
> Kas.
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