[chuck-users] Multiline Braille display

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 14:35:01 EDT 2011

Loosely related thoughts;

It seems to me that while Python substitutes indentation for braces ChucK
uses the "read left to right" strategy to remove (some) braces. This is
interesting to me in this context; I write quite a lot of Scheme and because
of the amount of braces there I think I would be unable to do that without
highlighting; not really a friendly language for people with visual
challenges. ChucK does away with some of that, as long as we have a linear
signal-flow, but clearly not nearly with all of it. I don't think we would
want to go that far because some structures in the code reflect structures
in the sounds that we use. One possible approach to this could be using
interface sonification instead of highlighting. Pitches could be used to
indicate how deeply nested the cursor currently is, for example. This kind
of sonification could be used a bit like those DJ programs work. By that I
mean two "mixes" could be made, one aimed at the programmer, one meant to be
recorded or broadcasted to a live audience.

Just thinking out loud,
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