[chuck-users] what is the status thingy

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 05:20:11 EST 2011

Hi, Tempjayren,

> well, i've had the same version of chuck for quite some time and am
> afraid i have missed an announcement about a new release sort of thing.
> this was the precompiled windows binary that i grabbed, because i had
> no choice, so i'mrunning version dracula.

Yes, that's the last version for download. There is a
that you could try if you'd fancy compiling from SVN but for general
purpose usage I don't think there is much use for that. I'm not sure
how that relates to the emergency release for OSX that fixes the
issues in Lion; I think that one is primarily focussed on getting
realtime sound to work again on OSX, that doesn't sound like it'd
benefit you.


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