[chuck-users] what is the status thingy

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 16:24:57 EST 2011

On 11/12/2011, tempjayren at gmail.com <tempjayren at gmail.com> wrote:
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> hmm. should i admit that it is more play than work since you said
> play/work?

Well, I said "play/work" because I don't know what you are using ChucK
for. Some people will be profesional musicians, some might need sound
FX for some job, or use ChucK to measure sound-based phenomena...
others might be students or simply enthusiasts about sound or unusual
programing paradigms.

Depending on that people will be more or less inclined to get their
hands dirty(er). After all one person's "boring evening dealing with
compilers" is a adventure and exploration for another...

Personally I hope that in all cases we can have a component of "play",
nobody said serious matters can't be fun too.

My own CSound install worked fine, but for me CSound never became
"fun" and so I was less inclined to work at it ;-).


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