[chuck-users] pyck : pythonized chuck

Tomtom tomtom at herbesfolles.org
Wed Dec 21 06:41:54 EST 2011

Hi there.

I hope this is the right place to post that ...

Some time ago I announced that I was working on a rewrite of ChucK in
Python. I started this project because I thought creating a new
programming language from scratch was a bad design decision, and ChucK
as an approach to audio programming would benefit greatly from
piggy-backing on a well established language.

After a first proof of concept version written entirely in python, I'm
happy to announce that the thing is getting real. The new C++/python
version does some actual real-time sound synthesis (audio I/O is based
on RtAudio), you can manipulate the Ugen network on the fly from the
python interpreter and you can write/execute shreds.

Beware that it is pre-alpha - no packaging, almost no testing done,
nasty bugs here and there, almost no ugens (only a few oscillators)

You can grab the sources and follow the evolution of the project here :

dependencies :
- cmake
- boost + boost::python
- RtAudio
- python 2.7.x
- ipython (shreds are causing a segfault on the regular python
  interpreter but not on iPython, and I don't know why).

Right now, pyck has been tested only on my computer (arch linux
32bit). I would gladly receive feedback from you if you are interested
in giving it a shot.

Happy winter-solstice celebration thing to everyone (trying to be
inclusive here) !


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