[chuck-users] Kassen => holiday wishings => you;

Ge Wang ge at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Dec 26 23:04:41 EST 2011

Greetings and happy holidays!!  I am forwarding a most excellent message 
from our one and only Kassen that nearly got lost in the servers (we are 
looking into why).

ChucK on!

--- Fellow ChucKists,

I just realised I was in danger of breaking a mult-year habbit of wishing 
everyone a merry ChucKmass. Callendars may be a cultural phenomenon and as such 
not something that we ChucKists can depend on for universal time-keeping. The 
solstice, however is a objective phenomenon and a quite nice occasion to turn 
our "=>" operators 90° counter-clockwise with some green syntax highlighting.

Merry ChucKmass, all!


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