[chuck-users] SL2OSC

Les Hall lester.hall at comcast.net
Fri Feb 11 04:54:18 EST 2011


My friend woody and I have just got this cool OSC server working.  It receives messages from the 3D VR world of Second Life and sends them to another computer's OSC receiver.  The purpose of this is to provide a means of 3D VR GUI control of ChucK, pd, and well anything that will work that way.  This has the potential to form a bridge between the music software community and the Second Life community, to the benefit of both groups.  

So we can get it to work with pd but not with ChucK.  I basically read, understood, and copied the example snippets from the manual where it talks about OSC in the beginning of it.  I also tested that things worked using localhost.  So the receiver should receive across the web as well, right?  Or does the listen() need a parameter?  

Anyway, ChucK blocks the port so even pd won't work, but when I quit ChucK pd works (with a restart).  So somehow I think ChucK or rather the ChucK program that I wrote, is clogging up the port and listening only on localhost.  This should be an easy fix, what is it?  

Thanks in advance, 


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