[chuck-users] chuck posibilities at sample level

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Mon Jan 3 16:23:10 EST 2011


There are advantages and

> disadvantages in both cases.
I agree. SC proponents tend to argue that their client-server structure
means not glitching the audio when the cpu runs out of steam. I'm sure
that's true, but when the cpu runs out something will have to give, no
matter what.

In SC you know the sound will stay coherent for longer, in CK you can
recover from such issues, and know the sync between the sound and the
controlling structures will recover too, though there will be glitches in
such cases.

This is a trade, as most things in computers are. It might be a good one for
you or a bad one. I still feel it's insignificant compared to our ability to
fluently express what we mean, in the chosen syntax. Of course what we mean
to express may well depend on either fluent audio or on sample
level accuracy.

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