[chuck-users] Using Fourier Transform

Lucas Zawacki lfzawacki at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 06:27:42 EST 2011

Sup guys. This is not much of a ChucK question but here goes...

I have some free time now to experiment with ChucK and I dug up some
old emails from the list. There's one talking about analysing the
frequency of a given signal and the short answer was to use the FFT.

I decided I would try this aproach in order to receive input from my
guitar, match the frequency being played and then issue a MIDI event
to another synthesizing app. The problem is that I have a very
abstract understanding of the FFT (I've used it before to do simple
image processing). It does makes sense to me, e.g I can visualize in
my mind what the FFT of a simple sound wave would look like, but I
wasn't competent enough to extract the absolute pitch data that I

Anyway can someone elaborate a little more on the topic of frequency
analisys or maybe point me to a good tutorial?

I think I'll start with the wikipedia article on the Fourier Transform
and see where it gets me...


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