[chuck-users] Using Fourier Transform

Anthony Bowyer-Lowe anthony at lowbroweye.com
Mon Jan 17 15:54:07 EST 2011

Those are some great FFT resources, Rebecca - thanks for sharing! I also
wholeheartedly second the recommendation for the DSP Primer book.

In addition, I have linked the following FFT overviews to people who are
intimidated by articles that lean towards the more academic end of the

1. The DFT "à pied": Mastering the Fourier Transform in on day:

(The author of this article acknowledges that it'll take more than one day
to truly grok DFT.)

2. Katja's homepage on sinusoids, complex numbers and modulation:

(Katja uses wooden anatomical dolls and photos to reinforce the mathematical
relationships between complex numbers, sinusoidal waveforms, etc - useful
for building up mental models)

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