[chuck-users] input gain analysis, LiSa example

Noah Adler noah.adler at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 15:52:25 EST 2011

I've tried several times to do #2, as it seems like LiSa is designed for
this.  I haven't been successful yet though... I would love to see a simple
example too

On Jan 20, 2011 3:31 PM, "Michael Heuer" <heuermh at gmail.com> wrote:

Hello ChucKers,

I'm thinking of giving the RPM challenge (http://rpmchallenge) a try
this February and am missing two things from my ChucK kit


A ChucK snippet to analyze the gain of an input signal.  I could just
watch for peak values every sample but that doesn't seem like the
right thing to do.


An example/tutorial of how to use LiSa to approximate a looper pedal
(record, overdub, undo, redo).

See e.g.


Thanks in advance,

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