[chuck-users] input gain analysis, LiSa example

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 00:35:49 EST 2011

Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com>:
> 2011/1/20 Noah Adler <noah.adler at gmail.com>
>> I've tried several times to do #2, as it seems like LiSa is designed for
>> this.  I haven't been successful yet though... I would love to see a simple
>> example too
> I'll do it, but right now I'm in a bit of a fight with the OpenGL standard
> concerning the dimensions of textures.

Sorry, can't help ya there.  :)

I wrote MIDI and OSC looper libraries for Processing, so I am familiar
with the necessary functionality.  I'm not sure how to push LiSa's
buttons though.  And has anyone written a Stack data structure for
ChucK?  That would be useful for the undo/redo bits.

> The envelope-follower in in the "deep" directory of examples (Perry's dir).
> That should solve #1 for most applications, I believe.

Thanks, Kas, that works great.


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