[chuck-users] bryan Eidel's problem with DAC in MiniAudicle

Bryan Eidel bryan_eidel at att.net
Mon Jan 31 14:16:48 EST 2011

I fixed it use a audio interface wasn't set up in preferences ir was set up for computer soundcard not my apogee works great now

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On Jan 31, 2011, at 1:12 PM, Perry Cook <prc at CS.Princeton.EDU> wrote:

> Aha, this is a known problem with Mini where it loses it's mind
> as regards the audio device(s).  Happens most often when a 
> sound device has been plugged/unplugged, but can happen when
> you've changed devices otherwise.  Fix is easy:
> Go into MiniAudicle Preferences and hit "Restore Defaults" button.
> (if you had file paths set up, then you'll need to go and fix those again).
> But after that Mini can see the DAC again.
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>> when i try to add any shred it tells me ugen's of type DAC have no input-cannot 
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