[chuck-users] bryan Eidel's problem with DAC in MiniAudicle

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 16:59:08 EST 2011

On 31 January 2011 20:12, Perry Cook <prc at cs.princeton.edu> wrote:

> Aha, this is a known problem with Mini where it loses it's mind
> as regards the audio device(s).  Happens most often when a
> sound device has been plugged/unplugged, but can happen when
> you've changed devices otherwise.  Fix is easy:
> Go into MiniAudicle Preferences and hit "Restore Defaults" button.
> (if you had file paths set up, then you'll need to go and fix those again).
> But after that Mini can see the DAC again.
Or, as I mentioned, when on Linux Flash, Skype or some other greedy program
claims the whole sound-device at a low level in some misguided attempt to
be compatible with ancient configurations that nobody actually uses any
more. In that case quitting all such programs and resetting the preferences
is the only way. Personally I see that far more often and it gives the exact
same symptoms.

This is -IMHO- a good example of why it can be important to mention the OS
being used, the version of ChucK, as well as any other details that may
affect things. This is a bit more work at first but in the end it saves
everyone time and gets the (aspiring) ChucKist back to music sooner.

Good to see you're still around, Perry.

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