[chuck-users] urgent: documentation problem i've not gotten an answer to

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 03:59:02 EDT 2011

> i can't read the docs properly.
> reading the pdf file, straight or converting it to text and reading that
> shows this.
> %>chuck [chuck]: no input les... (try {help)
> it is supposed to be files, not pagebreakles
> and reading code fragments done in pdf does the same. i can't learn
> chuck this way.

I'm not sure I understand the exact issue but as far as I can tell it has to
do with the pdf format, and that's far from my speciality.

Considering the urgency I can offer you this;

That's the work-in-progress for a new version of the manual and it's in
Not sure how much that helps, but then I'm not sure about the link between
the pdf file and the error you are getting.

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