[chuck-users] From 4Hz to 400Hz

Rustom Mody rustompmody at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 11:31:39 EDT 2011

Thanks Jordan for taking the time to write that.

However I get

[chuck]: HidIn: couldn't open keyboard 1...

and no change with d or h

Looking at your code I gathered I should try 0 or 1. Same result

Tried it in console (not X windows) Still same.

Fished around in google and came to this on the wiki

So by some guesswork I changed your function keyboardListener to this:
[This is the first chuck I am writing!]

fun void keyboardListener()
    KBHit hi;
    int c;
        hi => now;
            hi.getchar() => c;
                if(c == 68) // d
                    2 *=> Voice.multiplier;
                else if(c == 72) // h
                    2 /=> Voice.multiplier;
                else if(c == 73) // i
                else if(c == 79) // o

At first it did not work until I realized that the d h should be upper case.
Now I get my basic effect.

I cant hear any effect from i/I or o/O but thats minor.

Trying to reduce the jumps to less than half/double I changed the 2 to 1.5
It just goes silent

Changed the
2 *>= Voice.multiplier;
5 +=> Voice.multiplier;

chuck dies and I get cpu 100%.
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