[chuck-users] MIDI Forwarding?

Johnathan Bell enigma.0za at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 08:21:58 EDT 2011


I was looking at Ableton to do this, but I think I may be able to achieve a cheaper and better solution using ChucK ...

I want to forward MIDI messages from a USB-MIDI keyboard, through a computer, to a hardware synth that has the standard MIDI in/out ports. My keyboard does MIDI over USB, but has no standard MIDI ports, so I can't plug it directly into a synth, but if I were to use a USB MIDI interface on my computer, could I interface the keyboard to the synth that way, using ChucK as a go-between? It'd be a simple matter of opening the MIDI in from the keyboard, and then just copying those messages to the MIDI out of the interface, I'm thinking...

- Johnathan

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