[chuck-users] Resignation and transition

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 15:07:00 EDT 2011


 > It was a lot of fun and I think it had a significant impact on getting
new users into ChucK. I want to thank the ChucK team and community,
and I look forward to helping you get to the next place.

Yes. We'll have to talk some more about all this, maybe with Tomasz who was
very actively involved with the last "push", but first I'd like to thank you
for your effort. I remember the Bad Old Days when the only docs were online,
so not there when you'd be traveling with your laptop. I think I saved them
a html page at a time back then...

It's very easy to point out issues that the docs are lacking, but we
shouldn't forget what a HUGE improvement your pdf was and how much more
accessible it made ChucK. Fortunately we don't have the kind of community
that tells people to "RTFM", but at least we could, if we wanted to.

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